Monday, July 25, 2011


JULY 2009
 Fabulous family reunion in Oklahoma - Got to watch my mom sing
Bad:  Mom was sick with a mystery illness (Dumbass Doctor kept telling her nothing was wrong)
Bad:  Sister shows up to Family reunion, out of her mind, slurring and trying to sing with my mom.

Took the most fabulous buying trip, driving from with my local current best friend from Fort Smith, AR to Prescott & Phoenix AZto see some family and got amazing deals on antiques;
BAD: took 23 hourse to get to Prescott and the GPS almost sent us over a cliff - No really almost teetering.  In 4 days we did not see even one Coyote or mountain lion or any other local wild animal.
Good:  Made it safely to our destinations and found a camper shell on Craig's list just minutes from where we were staying in Sun City ( A suberb of Phoenix) for the truck to store our treasures in.

GOOD:  to LA to see my very best friend I hadn't seen in years.  Stayed at a 4 star fancy hotel in Brentwood and Modesto, my old home town to see my old best friend from 17 years earlier.
Bad:  The hotel screwed up and gave us a hotel with no balcony, then a second room with a person in it that we walked in on, then a 3rd room that had a soaked spot on the carpet, but we kept it and laid down a dozen towels, then took my friends best feather pillow, plugged in their blow dryer and got electrocuted, and the finally to top it all overcharged us including a bar (we don't even drink and did not know where the bar was.
Good:  We got upgraded to a suite, and got free parking for 3 days at 30.00 a night.
Bad:  Still had to pay for the room and never got the down pillow back.
Bad:  Ended up in Echo Park, the 2nd worst neighborhood in the whole of LA
Good:  Got out with our lives, purses, truck with no missing tires, broken windshields or missing
GPS and a cup of Starbucks Capuccino we got out of the largest laundromat I've ever seen.
Bad:  Tried to go through a tunnel drive thru Mcdonalds on Sunset Blvd in our huge Tundra pickup truck at night.  Got to the window,  realized we weren't gonna make the curve, and had to back all the way down the long tunnel with about seriously 16-18" on either side of the truck with a car behind us that we had to make back up also.
Good:  Saw Mulholland Dr at night, found some good deals at thrift shops, ate at a fabulous Beverly Hills Italian restaurant and grabbed a bunch of amazing pastries on another day.
BAD:  While we relaxed with our LA friend in our hotel supplied plush robe and slippers, got a call from her husband freaking out, because he just found out he had Hepatitis C. (only 29 years old)

GOOD:  Got out of LA safely and headed to Modesto to stay with my old friend (free lodging).
BAD:  While we grunted and hauled our stuff in, her 18 yr old sun sat on the couch watching tv.  Then taken to our room with only one blanket and no pillow on one bed.  Went to take a shower and had to share a towel and washcloth.  My friend and her husband fought and screamed at each other the whole time we were there.  The last day, said old friend barely spoke to me and current best friend and no one offered any help, unloading everything and repacking the back of our camper covered truck which took well into the night.  In between trips to the vehicle they kept locking the door and back gate on us.
GOOD: Found some great estate sales and finished filling up our truck completely.
BAD:  My mom was VERY upset that I took a friend and didn't ask her to go with me.  I told her we could go in the spring.
GOOD: Made it home safely with tons of inventory and don't ever have to go back.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Organizing website

Here is a great shopping site by that famous organizer, Peter Walsh.  If you are on this journey in part to get yourself more organized, check out this website:


Friday, July 8, 2011


Sorry I've been away friends, but I've been just buried filling out bankruptcy paperwork and searching for an undending pile of documents.  Tomorrow our petition will be filed.  I never thought I would ever be in this situation.  We have been working for over two years trying to get our finances situated and under control, but seems like with every little tip toe forward, we slide back 3 feet.

But now my petition is FINALLY filed.  What happens from here is in God & the Creditor Trustee's hands, and there is nothing I can do about that, so I will not allow any more worries on the subject. 

I've heard that "Worry is a lack of Faith" author unknown.  And I guess I've been lacking for a long time, but no more.  I have been feeled with FEAR that THEY will eat me!

I've also heard that FEAR can stand for one of two things:  Face Everything and Recover or F**K everything and RUN!  So its what we do with the fear that is what matters, either walk through it and come through to the other side or don't face it and continue to run and hide from your problems.

I am not proud of filing bankruptcy, but we have tried everything else except letting our home go into foreclosure.  So I am finally ready to truly begin my journey toward Life Fulfillment.  Do I expect it to happen overnight?  in a year?  in 20 years?  No I don't - It is the journey and what else is life if not a journey.  Wishing all of you Faith, love and an Amazing Journey!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Doing what's necessary

I'm reminded once again, that if I do what's in front of me when it comes, I won't be overwhelmed later with piles and lists and disorganization.

I hate hate hate keeping up with paperwork and making business phone calls.  So guess what I've been doing for the last two weeks?  Yep - digging and organizing and calling and digging some more.  When this legal situation is taken care of, I'll be able to focus on something else like clearing a path in my home!