Friday, July 8, 2011


Sorry I've been away friends, but I've been just buried filling out bankruptcy paperwork and searching for an undending pile of documents.  Tomorrow our petition will be filed.  I never thought I would ever be in this situation.  We have been working for over two years trying to get our finances situated and under control, but seems like with every little tip toe forward, we slide back 3 feet.

But now my petition is FINALLY filed.  What happens from here is in God & the Creditor Trustee's hands, and there is nothing I can do about that, so I will not allow any more worries on the subject. 

I've heard that "Worry is a lack of Faith" author unknown.  And I guess I've been lacking for a long time, but no more.  I have been feeled with FEAR that THEY will eat me!

I've also heard that FEAR can stand for one of two things:  Face Everything and Recover or F**K everything and RUN!  So its what we do with the fear that is what matters, either walk through it and come through to the other side or don't face it and continue to run and hide from your problems.

I am not proud of filing bankruptcy, but we have tried everything else except letting our home go into foreclosure.  So I am finally ready to truly begin my journey toward Life Fulfillment.  Do I expect it to happen overnight?  in a year?  in 20 years?  No I don't - It is the journey and what else is life if not a journey.  Wishing all of you Faith, love and an Amazing Journey!

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