Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Goals

The goals of this blog (pick the ones you want or add your own):
1.   Get Healthy - lower cholestoral, blood pressure, and weight by 30 lbs
2.   Excercise regularly 5 days per week
3.   Get off of all medication except for vitamins and birth control
4.   Organize every room in my house and be able to lay my hands on whatever it is I
      need  immediately, knowing its exact location.
5.   Cook healthy tasty meals for my family
6.   Make money from writing
7.   Most of all find peace and serenity within myself
8.   Stop my head from spinning and eliminate 99% of the stress from my life
9.   Eliminate toxic friendships from my life and open myself up to positive people and experiences
10. Be & stay DEBT FREE
11. Move to Oregon
12. Surround myself with beauty
13. Increase my income, so I can live comfortably and travel if I want to
14. Be a non-smoker

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