Monday, June 20, 2011


What I hope to express initially through this blog is THE TRUTH.  Until we face the truth, we are living in denial, living a lie, and much of what we think we are hiding is already obvious to the people around us. 

I am 47 years old, weighing in at 180 lbs.  I am a recovering addict with 16 plus years in recovery.  My house looks like I'm trying out for Hoarders, and falling just short of getting on the air.  There is not a room in my house that is not filled with stuff, not littered with piles of clothes, papers, and even some trash.  I sell on ebay under the ID Julsberu, so there is also "inventory" abounding in all the rooms.  My house is a 2500 sft single story brick home.  I live here with my husband who is retired and disabled, so except for my little bit of online income we are on a very tight fixed income. 

I currently live in a small city (or large town) in Arkansas, so we have all the amenities of a city, with the small town feel of people who know each other and are very friendly.  The weather, however, is one of the outside influences pulling me down in my life.  There is lots of scenic beauty, but the summers are sweltering and miserable.  Spring is filled with violent thunder storms, hail storms, torrential rains, and straight line winds, along with the occasional tornado.  The winters are cold.  We have probably 2 months of perfect weather in total throughout the year with moderate temperatures, no rain and a bit of sun.  I will tell you more about me tomorrow.  In the meantime, feel free to post and tell me about you.

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